benefits of renting

If you are one of many that you “eye on the prize” is homeownership, don’t forget about the many benefits of renting. In fact, there are many situations are smarter to rent! When renting from Colorado property management, you can take advantage of a variety of perks. Learn more about the top reasons to rent, differences between renting a house versus in a building or complex, and benefits of renting from a property management company.

Top Reasons to Rent

Renting provides several benefits and options that home ownership does not have. To start, there is a lower financial upfront cost, that also may be lower throughout your time living there. Instead of needing thousands of dollars to put down, you simply only need to cover your fees. Then the savings can continue throughout your time renting as you will not be responsible for maintenance and repairs. It’s ideal for individuals who are building a savings, exploring new areas, or move around often. It is also helpful in tricky markets. While in many cases, the value of a home will increase, but it may not always. Or, even if the value does go up, you may have had to make investments that balance everything out. It is also important to remember the recent tax changes as these changes under the GOP tax plan affect homeowners.

House vs. Complex

When searching for your ideal place to live, you will need to consider renting a house or in an apartment building. With a house, you will not have to contest with neighbors literally sharing walls with you. It is a good consideration with larger families, or those with pets. This also gives you quick access to outdoor space, too. While these luxuries may come a higher cost, it may be money well spent—depending on your situation. With a building, you will be in close quarters with neighbors. For some, they feel safer, especially in units that are not ground level, or require a special access key to enter. Also in a building, you typically have more amenities and services within the community that are cared for. When there is inclement weather, they usually do the heavy lifting (i.e. shoveling snow, icing sidewalks). Ultimately, between the two, the right option is the one that best fits your needs and lifestyle. No matter which type of location you rent from, it’s important to learn the top ways to be a good tenant from your local Denver residential property manager.

Benefits of Using a Property Manager

A housing complex with a property manager will provide you with excellent service. You will have a place you can call to quickly receive answers to your questions or maintenance needs. It is also convenient to have people available to get packages and provide personalized service that oftentimes, you may only get in a hotel. While each building or complex is different, it is great to live in a place where you know you have a team holding down the fort when you aren’t home.

As you look for the perfect place to rent from, be sure to look at what we have available through DenCO Property Management and Sales. We make it easy to pay your rent online, and are available for your maintenance needs. Call us today at 303-722-9688 to see what we have available.