Testimonials for DenCO Property Management and Sales


David is a fantastic property manager. He has made my life so much easier. The tenants are happy and I'm happy. He's very practical, pragmatic, and has creative ideas on how to keep the property low-maintenance and maximizing profit. I highly recommend him.


Gina, Denver investment property owner  

David took over our condo's property management after our disastrous experience with another property manager. He worked with the ex-manager to get all the repair work needed and documents transferred after a long-term tenant left two months early with rent and utilities due. David convinced us to continuing to rent vis-a-vis selling and very quickly had the condo prepared for an open house. He secured 5 different offers and kept the paperwork flowing during the highest offer's mortgage application, which failed underwriting. He immediately contacted the second-highest offer and ensured the sale was completed with the minimal hiccups. David is an excellent communicator and knows how to get the job done quickly and efficiently. 


Robert, investment property owner  

DenCO properties was everything and more to my family and me. We left the for four years with every intention of coming back, so ensuring that the home was well maintained was our top concern. Additionally, we had to ensure that our neighbor’s privacy and safety were attended to. It gave us knowing that the renters and neighbors, were always being proactively looked after, which created a very stable environment for all.

Let me assure you that DenCO can find the best renters, attend to the wellbeing of your home and neighborhood, and provide friendly, trustworthy service that works hard to anticipate and smooth out any bumps in the road. DenCO provides access to affordable maintenance professionals. We had plumbing, painting and cleaning teams work on our property referred by DenCO. We were blown away by the awesome work!

I strongly encourage you to speak with David. You and your family won’t be disappointed by his great work. 


Steve, homeowner residing overseas  

David is absolutely amazing! I can't say enough wonderful things about him! He was always on top of everything and I was lucky to find him. He went above and beyond to get my house ready to sell and was on top of it through the entire process.

Ana Maria, homeowner living out of state

During the time that DenCO managed my condo rental, I was pleased with your advertising and pricing recommendations, tenant selection process, property maintenance, and expense control. Most importantly, I appreciated knowing that I could rely on DenCO to handle any tenant issues in a timely and satisfactory manner. Once I decided to sell the condo, you demonstrated professionalism and integrity in handling the transaction.

I have been thoroughly pleased with DenCO and look forward to working with David Schmidt and DenCo in the future.

Deborah, former rental property owner in Denver

I retained David Schmidt to facilitate the rental of my condominium November 2011. My tenant became a problem in many ways and in June 2011 I retained David Schmidt to act as my Property Manager.

David Schmidt handled all matters associated with the Tenant, HOA and Management Company issues with diligence and professionalism. With respect to the numerous fines my tenant accrued, David Schmidt went above and beyond. Since David Schmidt was the mailing address for all correspondence, he was advised of the potential lien on my property. He personally paid the fine to avoid the lien and collected directly from the tenant.

May 2012 I decided to sell this rental unit. I retained David Schmidt as my realtor. We listed the property and it sold in 1 day. It was a cash transaction which closed in less than 1 week.

I unequivocally recommend David Schmidt and would retain him again if necessary.

Diana, former rental property owner in Aurora

I highly recommend David Schmidt as a property manager. Since 2010, he has been the property manager for our multi-unit rental in west Wash Park. When he took over the management of this property both my husband and I were frustrated by our business. We were collecting low rents with unreliable tenants. David Schmidt knew the rents were too low and he promised to increase them. In 2009, we were collecting $2,150.00/month in rents. Now we are collecting $3,150.00/month in rents with reliable tenants.

In addition to increasing our revenue, David Schmidt has overseen home improvement projects. These improvements have instrumental increasing rents as well as our property value.

Finally, my husband and I enjoy peace of mind. It seemed every time were about to leave town a crisis would occur. Now we can enjoy our holidays knowing David Schmidt will take of any problem.

Mary Ann, Denver rental property owner

I am delighted to write this reference about my property manager, David Schmidt, of DenCO Property Management and Sales, LLC The brief version: He's a rare gem. The detail: David Schmidt is unfailingly reliable: he always does what he says he is going to do, when he says he will do it. What he does is inevitably competent and informed by experience, knowledge, a remarkably quick mind and enviable common sense. He is easily available, though never intrusive, and is outstanding at quickly solving problems - and I've thrown him some big, complicated ones. David Schmidt is honest and straightforward. I trust him because he has shown himself, throughout our business relationship, to be completely trustworthy. He is even-tempered and has excellent social and communication skills. He understands finances and the importance to clients of clear, accurate, timely accounting.

I recommend David Schmidt with high praise and without any reservation. In the field of property managers, with respect to his character, skill, temperament, and reliability, he is unique.

Donna, Denver rental property owner

David Schmidt has been my property manager for my house in Denver for a couple of years and it has been nothing but a highly positive and enjoyable experience. I live outside the US and need someone I can trust to ensure my property is rented out to good tenants who both treat it well and pay on time, and who can manage any issues that come up with speed, ease and professionalism. I have found David Schmidt to be on the ball at all times; he keeps me regularly informed of both payments and maintenance issues, addresses those issues both economically and immediately (with my permission) and he responds quickly to any questions. Importantly, he has shown excellence in finding high quality tenants, removing for me any worry about how my house will be looked after. Living so far away, it is a relief and a comfort that I have a local manager who is dedicated to meeting his obligations with the highest of standards.

Most important of all, however, is the trustworthiness that I have found with David Schmidt. When he first rented out my house it needed some fixing up (after a terrible tenant that I had found, who had done some considerable damage). Not only did he organize the repairs quickly and at a very acceptable cost, but he also discovered an expensive pearl necklace that I had mislaid. I was delighted to discover his level of integrity when he handed that back to me –I would never have known otherwise! This example underlies the essential trust that I have in David Schmidt to do his job honestly, efficiently and faultlessly.

I have only one complaint: I wish I had discovered David Schmidt earlier! I would have saved me much angst, hassle and money with the unfortunate tenants that had occupied my house previously! However, I can now relax knowing I am in good hands –even if there needs to be a change in tenant.

Sophie, Denver rental property owner currently living overseas