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Prepared For Denver's Early Winter Snow

September 19, 2018

Even though winter does not begin until Friday, December 21, Denver can see its first snowfall as early as October. As an owner of a residential investment property, now is the ideal time to make plans and arrangements to prepare for winter. It will give you plenty of time to reach out to tenants and create times that are convenient for you both. Use these best practices as you create your to-do list before winter. 

Furnace Check-Up

As we enter into fall, now is the time to have the furnace in your rental inspected and cleaned. This will ensure the unit is safe to use and in proper working condition. It is important to complete this long before the furnace is actually needed in the event there are issues—you will want to be sure you have a safe furnace for your tenant. Once all checks out, make sure a new furnace filter is installed. Ideally, a filter is good for three months. If you do not have an arrangement with your tenant on replacing them regularly, or written into your lease agreement, discuss how you can improve this moving forward. This will help the lifespan of the furnace and help the tenant too. 

Clean Roof and Gutters

When the roof and gutters work properly, water is directed away from a house, hence protecting the foundation. Schedule time to inspect the roof for cracks, missing shingles, damaged flashing, and any other issues or standing water. Next, make sure the gutters are cleared. It is also important they stay clear, which can be a process if there are trees around the home. Clogged gutters are one of the top issues that occur, which leads to sagging and other issues that can lead to detrimental issues. 

Reverse Ceiling Fans

Do your rentals have ceiling fans? Reversing the direction of the fan is one of the go-to ways to conserve energy. When airflow is switched, it will help circulate the warmer air, keeping your tenant warmer. When the airflow is circulated more efficiently, the furnace does not need to run as often—saving you and your tenant on bills each month. Not sure how to reverse the direction? Find your instruction manual or search online based on the make and model of the fan. Or, if the fans are older, you can explore Energy Star ceiling fans and search to see if you can find a model with a rebate. 

Landscaping Tasks

Keeping a lawn in premier shape during the winter will help it bounce back in the spring. First, make sure the lawn is seeded during the fall. Next, if there are trees, take some time to trim and prune to promote growth. You can also fertilize to help their quality when spring arrives. 

Do you need help managing your rentals? Or do not have the experience to tackle some of the necessary tasks to prepare for winter? DenCo is your premier local property manager in Denver. Review our information for Denver property owners to view our wide variety of services to help you get the most on your investment! Call us today at 303-722-9688 to see how we can help.