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Profitable Amenities and Features for Property Management in Denver to Add

July 11, 2018

Does your rental property stand out amongst its competition? In a market where rentals are on the rise, it is important that you are competitive with those around you. Whether you own a building with several units, or a small duplex, there are a few amenities you can add that will draw people to becoming loyal customers. Use some of these go-to tips from local property management in Denver to enhance your rental.

Stainless Steel Appliances

One way to dress up a kitchen for not much more than the alternative is with stainless steel appliances. Its upscale appearance creates a modern look that pairs well with any environment. Since standard stainless steel does show fingerprints, you can consider using black stainless steel or brushed stainless steel. Best of all? This is a simple upgrade that could help you increase the amount of rent each month by $10 to $25.


Exclusive Parking

For many people, it is a fight just to get a good parking spot for work. Let alone having that trouble when coming home. Creating exclusive, reserved parking for tenants is incredibly attractive. It helps ease the headache of having to try to find a spot and brings some consistency. If there is a building, there could be a paved lot in the back. For single-family homes and duplexes, you could add a garage in the back. If street parking is your only option, review the landlord/tenant information from on parking space laws. 

Pool and Clubhouse

Create a fun getaway for tenants with a pool! This could be an additional fee added into the rent but be sure to factor in the time it will be used. A pool is especially a quality addition if you have multiple properties in the same area. Another tip: If you have multiple properties in one area is a clubhouse. Ideal for year-round use, tenants can use the clubhouse for parties, gatherings, clubs, and more. Plus, other tenants will appreciate the peace and quiet of not having too much commotion on the other side of a joining wall.


Many renters have to spend their weekends sitting at a laundromat. A renting luxury is to provide a washer and dryer in a rental unit. Even if you have small spaces, you can install a narrow, stacked washer and dryer combination in a small closet. This will save your tenants from having to purchase their own or spending too much of their time waiting on laundry to get done somewhere else.
Another top way to create a great experience for customers is by using a premier property management service. Be sure to check out the five ways Colorado property management will help your investment real estate, and call the team at DenCo Property Management and Sales to assist. We will take over several areas of your property to help free up your time but keep your investment profitable. Whether it’s an extra hand to handle maintenance requests, or someone to handle collecting rent from tenants, we can step in to help. Call us today at 303-722-9688 to see what we can do for you.