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Top Ways to Be a Good Tenant from Your Local Denver Residential Property Manager

April 19, 2017

Whether you are getting ready to rent for the first time, or have rented multiple properties, renting has many perks. As a tenant, having a good relationship with your landlord will help make for a seamless experience while living in your home. From getting into a lease and being respectful and responsible, to providing details, be sure to learn these top ways to be a good tenant from your local Denver residential property manager.

Getting into a lease

When signing a lease, it is important to actually read through it to understand what the terms and conditions are. Then even after you sign your lease, if you have a change that means breaking something that was in writing, do not be defensive about it with your landlord. Depending on the situation, they may be able to work with you and could potentially be more willing if you are upfront, understand what you signed and politely ask for assistance. Also, be aware that they may not be able to accommodate your request—and as a tenant, be okay with that. Also, when signing a lease, getting renter’s insurance should be a priority. This may even be something that your landlord requires in the lease.  

Be respectful and responsible

As a renter, be respectful of your rented space. It is your home and you should treat it with care. Even though it is not an investment the way a house is, you are still spending your hard-earned dollars. To add to that, pay you rent on time too. While it seems trivial, many forget, let other priorities come first—so you should always be conscious of your financial obligations and make sure they all get paid on time. Next, going back to your lease, make sure you are aware of what changes you can make to the space. So, for instance, before you paint, change fixtures, or get a pet, know what the rules are. Then also when it comes to being respectful, be respectful to your neighbors. Whether you live in a house or building, there are ways that you can be doing things that are of a nuisance. For a deeper dive, read the top 14 things landlords wish tenants knew.

Be detailed

Another great way to be a good tenant is to be detailed. This can be very beneficial for both you and your landlord long term. For instance, when moving into a house or apartment, your landlord should provide you with a checklist to state the condition of the place. Be thorough on this list because when you move out, any damage that was there prior that you have not noted could be marked on you. Next, when submitting maintenance requests, it is helpful for staff to have a detailed description of an issue to help resolve the situation more quickly.

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