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Landlord-Approved Ways to Decorate Your Rental from Denver Property Management

February 20, 2019

As a renter, you always would like to get your security deposit back. This does not mean you need to have a bland and boring space! By using a few premier decorating styles, you can revamp your area without any damage. Use some of these top techniques from Denver property management to transform your rental. 

Hang Art Using Wall-Safe Techniques

When you hang art with nails, you run the risk of holes in your wall. Today, you do not need to put anything in the walls to hang art. Not even anchors! Well, you will, but differently. Today they have quality wall mounting strips that will not damage your walls at all. You can utilize hooks that will hang your photos safely based on their weight, so they don’t fall. 

Strategically Place Rugs in a Space

Whether you have hardwood floors or carpet, rugs can mix up a space. They make a floor softer and can be a great way to reduce noise in an open room. For a large living room, take a large area rug and strategically place it in the center of the room. Having furniture hanging off is normal. Use a larger rug as smaller ones can ruin the flow of a room. When choosing the best area rug for your space, use a simpler rug in a place with a lot of décor. If you have a room that is simple, you can get a unique and vibrant rug to mix things up.  

Buy Plants

Plants, both real and artificial, can dramatically change your apartment or residence. If you don’t have a green thumb, consider an artificial plant. Small plants are available for tables or to change a room, get a tall one that can be a centerpiece of an area. For those that prefer a real plant, an aloe vera plant is simplistic and unique. Peace lilies are also simple, with a gentle pop of color to make a space stand out. You can even hang plants vertically to make for a great statement on a wall. Have pets? Make sure the plants you choose are pet-friendly. African violets, bamboo, Boston ferns, calatheas, cast iron plants, parlor palms, and spider plants are all safe go-tos for your furry friends. 

Change Lighting with Lamps

Lamps can make dramatic statements. Floor lamps, in particular, are decoration pieces in themselves. Search for tall fixtures with dimension that will set the mood of a room. Light is everything. First and foremost, choosing the right bulbs are key. Opt for LED which will last and is safest.  Choose a warm shade for comfortable spaces or bright white for bathrooms and kitchens. Switching out ceiling fixtures can also change an area, without having to make any changes that will cost you your security deposit. Make sure to safely store the original piece from your unit or as your landlord to hold. Desk or table lamps are available in a variety of styles that truly make a room pop. 

As a renter, be sure you learn the top ways to be a good tenant from your local Denver residential property manager. Your apartment is your home, and by treating it as if you own it, your landlord will be happy. To discuss potential rental opportunities in the Denver metro area, contact DenCo Property Management and Sales at 303-722-9688.