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Technology Adds for Your Property Management in Denver

January 9, 2019

Property owners are competing to provide quality amenities for tenants. If you are one of them, there are ways to set yourself apart from the competition. By taking a few extra steps, you can provide a more quality rental experience that creates long-term, reliable customers. As you work to develop or offer better experiences for tenants, use some of these best practices from local property management in Denver. 

Features for Tenants

  • Wi-Fi: The internet has essentially become a necessity for everyone. From watching videos to paying bills, everyone is looking to find inexpensive ways for internet access. Attract tenants by including internet with their rent. This also takes away some of the stress of them having to install and pay fees when you have it already set. 
  • Streaming television: People are cutting the cord left and right. One of the ways you can attract tenants is to provide access to a streaming service. Offer a few months of one of the best live TV streaming services for cord-cutters. This premium perk will help them save when they move in, as well as long-term as these services do not cost hundreds of dollars. 
  • Create a rewards program: Encourage good habits from your tenants with a rewards program. Using points, reward them for using online payments, paying on-time, caring for the property and more. Even small giveaways can be a fun and exciting opportunity for everyone. 
  • Washer and dryer: No one enjoys spending hours at a laundromat and for some, owning a washer and dryer isn’t something they can afford. You can invest in a small, stackable washer and dryer you can offer for a small rental fee.  

Online Applications

Paper applications can be costly, time-consuming and inefficient. With online applications, prospective tenants can quickly fill it out on their laptop, tablet or smartphone. Not only is this helpful for them but streamlines the process for you. Filling an application out online forces people to fill out specific information as accurately as possible. Electronic applications also help to expedite the process, allowing you to review a person or group more quickly—helping you fill the vacancy in a timely fashion. 

Using a Property Manager

As a landlord, there may be areas of property ownership you need help with. Are you not great with walking someone through the lease? Need some help with billing and bookkeeping? Unsure how to properly plan for taxes? Not as handy as you thought when it comes to maintenance? These are a few of the top services a property management company can provide. These management companies will help you with any aspect of the rental process. 

Throughout your search for profitable amenities and features for property management in Denver to add, DenCo Property Management will help. As your go-to full-service agency, we will help you throughout your process as an owner. We strive to make any part of ownership seamless to maximize your time and investment. To see what we can do for you, call us today at 303-722-9688.