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Colorado Property Management Shares Top Ways to Decorate for The Holidays

December 12, 2018

The holiday season is here, which is a great time to mix things up at your property. When you fill entry spaces with fun colors or even a few small things on the exterior, it will help get your tenants in the holiday spirit. Learn about some of the ways your local Colorado property management company recommends being inclusive, decorating your property, and getting tenants involved in the fun. 

Be Inclusive

Do you know how many holidays during the holiday season? These are the 14 religious holidays believers celebrate in December. As you make your property holiday-friendly, make sure you are considering your tenants. When creating an inclusive environment, you will create a fun atmosphere they enjoy coming home to. So how do you go about inclusivity? Ask! Send out a survey to your tenants to see what their holiday traditions are. From there, you can incorporate a little bit of everything in your décor. It also makes it fun for people to learn about other traditions. 

Outdoor Ideas

Generic decorations are a go-to way to decorate for the holidays. Blue, white and silver are popular colors that are not specific to certain holidays. But that’s not all. Brown and green is a great combination, as well as gold and white. Mix things up from red and green. Consider adding a wreath on your entrance door and hanging lights on the exterior. If you have a tree or shrubbery, add a mix of string lights that twinkle. If you have entryways, consider holiday-colored hanging lights to light up the entrance. 

Indoor Ideas

If your tenants celebrate a holiday that features a tree, it is a great way to decorate a main common space. If not, have a small holiday station with generic holiday décor that you can find at your local home goods store. Poinsettias are a great plant to use to decorate an indoor space, with a great pop of red. For railings, add a layer of silver or blue garland. Looking for a way to add some indoor shine? One of the best and safest ways is with LED candles. You can find a variety of candles to sprinkle throughout your open spaces—without the worry of any catching fire!

Activities for Tenants

Boost morale and build excitement by having a holiday party for tenants. This will be an excellent way for tenants to spend quality time getting to know each other. Going back to your survey for staying inclusive, you could have a potluck where people bring one of their traditional dishes. You could also have a door decorating contest with a judging ceremony at the event. Include a great prize for the winner! One of the top gift ideas could be an amount of money off their rent or a small holiday gift.

As you gear up for the holiday season, make sure you prepare for Denver’s early winter snow. With just a few checks, you will be ready for the season. If you are looking for ways to grow your property in the New Year, DenCo Property Management and Sales can help. As your premier full-service property manager, we assist in all areas. Call us today at 303-722-9688 to get started.