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7 Tips For Moving In Winter

November 14, 2018

1) Confirm details with movers 

Confirm ahead of time what time you are expecting the movers and how you plan on getting to your new home to let them in. If you need to get keys from your apartment front desk do so ahead of time and save yourself the headache of tracking down the details on move-in day.

2) Check the weather

Prepare to be flexible. If a winter storm is coming it isn't worth risking your possessions to move in a storm. If there is a snow storm before your move be sure to clear any walkways of snow and ice. Nothing is worse than slipping and injuring yourself during a move. You should also cover your floors with cheap tarps from the local hardware shop to keep them protected from damage while everyone walks in and out moving boxes. 

3) Check the utilities at your new home.

You are going to be moving lots of items in and out of your new home so, it is best to leave the heat off so your poor furnace doesn't have to work overtime with all the heat escaping. If you have a space heater turn it on in your main bathroom and leave the door shut. Nothing feels better than a bit of warmth while you do your business away from the cold.

4) Start Packing In Advance

Don't be caught off guard and still packing things in boxes when the movers arrive. Start packing as soon as possible. You can start with packing up any summer items or items your aren't going to use for the next couple of months. If you don't have any storage unit to keep packed items safe consider renting a portable storage unit and have them deliver it when you are ready to move in.

5) Board your pets 

Moving with pets can be a stressful ordeal for everyone. Leave the worrying about Fido's next escape plan behind and find a boarding facility or pet daycare your family pet can stay for the day. Not only will you be grateful to not worry about them being underfoot but they will come home tired and ready to rest and relax with you in your new home.

6) Plan for meals

If you are spending the entire day moving you may be too tired to unbox your kitchen supplies and start cooking, and your fridge is likely empty. Plan a meal out or pick up some to-go meal to enjoy after the job is done. 

7) Keep Warm

If you followed tip 3, then your heat is likely turned off and the bathroom is the only safe haven for the duration of the move-in process. If you have a crockpot set it aside before the move so you can plug it in at your new home and keep some hot cocoa or apple cider ready for some cold hands. Also, make sure to set aside extra pairs of gloves and other winter wear to make sure you are protected from the cold.