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Electrical Tips and Red Flags in Your Rental from Denver Property Management

October 17, 2018

Electrical issues are one of the many problems that property owners face with their rentals and investment properties. There are also many issues that landlords do not even realize are problematic. Electrical issues should be quickly addressed to ensure the safety of your tenants and property. When inspecting new or existing properties, be sure to keep an eye out for some of these issues pointed out by your local Denver property management company. 

Old Electrical Wiring Dangers

For property owners with older homes, especially ones older than 60 years old, outdated electrical wiring could be a huge hazard that one cannot see. Electrical requirements decades ago was much different than the needs of today. Factoring in old systems with present-day needs, you could be looking at faulty electrical, or worse, destructive and dangerous wires. If you are wondering “is my old house wiring safe?” it is best to have a local electrician come out to investigate. They can review the age and quality of the wiring to let you know if there is a problem at hand. 

Switch to LED Bulbs and Save

Over the last couple of years, incandescent light bulbs have been phased out of the industry. While there are a few options out there for bulbs, premier LED bulbs are a top choice of lightbulb. They will help you make the most of your investment. LED lighting can produce the same quality of great lighting for a fraction of the costs. In fact, home and property owners may see an excess of $500 in savings per year when switching outdated lights with new LED. These energy savers are a great investment that will also help you keep from replacing bulbs in your rentals. 

Flickering Lights

When lights flicker, it is a huge red flag of a deeper electrical issue. This usually occurs when there are problems or damage to electrical. Or, flickering lights could also be caused by loose wiring or using too much electricity on one circuit. If your tenants contact you about flickering lights, it is crucial to have the problem reviewed and fixed as soon as possible. 

Broken Switches and Outlets

When light switches or electrical outlets don’t work, it can cause issues for renters. These are often maintenance requests that need to be addressed as soon as possible—which can be intense for a new property owner. Outlets that do not work could be the result of faulty or loose wiring that could be caused due to larger issues. Factor in different types of noise, such as buzzing, and you should make sure the electrical is reviewed as soon as possible. 

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