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Tips for Apartment or Rental Searching from Your Local Colorado Property Management Company

August 22, 2018

As you make the decision to move into a rental house or apartment, finding the unit that works best for you is key. Aesthetics are great, but one of the best ways to start your search is by ensuring basic necessities are met. When starting your search, use this guide from your local Colorado property management company on some of the go-to things to consider for your search.

House or Apartment?

There are a variety of pros a house and an apartment. When making a decision, consider the following:
  • House: Renting a house is great for families or multiple people in one place. It is especially perfect for those with pets that need plenty of space to roam. A house is ideal for those looking for who enjoy yard work and the ability to keep up to one’s standards. Houses also can have garages, which is perfect for additional space and keeping a car secure. While many homes are in the suburbs, today there are homes available in great proximity to city-living.
  • Apartment: For apartment living, many love the number of amenities available. Utilities and some other fees are covered, and depending on the building, options such as a pool, open space, door service, etc. are available too. They are also great for those with small pets, specifically cats or small dogs. Rent in apartments also tends to be lower, depending on the area, making for an ideal choice for those tight on a budget.

Space and Square Footage

Finding the right number of square footage for your next place should be one of your top priorities. As you are looking for a new space, take measurements of your current furniture that you plan to keep. Keep these measurements with you (couch, beds, desks, table, etc.) to bring when exploring new apartments. In addition to these measurements, bring a tape measure along too to ensure your items will fit. Next, how much square footage do you require? Start by considering how much space is needed. This will factor the amount of people in the space and any pets.

Amenities and Features

Having a lifestyle you enjoy is important to everyday living. There are aspects you may think you can sacrifice that can become headaches down the road. For instance, do you need a washer and dryer, or is a laundromat feasible? Do you enjoy open spaces or yards, or is a simple apartment without any additional space a great option? Do you feel more secure inside a building, or do you prefer keeping your own home secure? Explore the benefits of renting from a Denver property management company when making your decision.

As you search for a place to live, explore the available Denver properties for rent in the Denver, Colorado area from DenCO Property Management and Sales. We would love to help you find your next ideal home. Our premier services will keep you and those living in the home happy and safe, in the environment that works best for you. As a quality company you can trust, you will love our options for your next place to live!