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Top Rental Trends for Denver Property Management for 2018

August 8, 2018

Are you looking for ways to keep up and continue attracting renters? When you keep up your properties, not only will you be able to make more, but you will create happy customers. Having renters that keep renewing their lease creates stability and steady cash flow. Try out some of these top rental trends from local Denver property management to keep from having vacancies.

Step Up Marketing Game

As a landlord, it is important to attract your renters on the level they want. Younger generations prefer to have the option to see a rental inside and out from the convenience of their phone, tablet, or computer. When posting your property as available for rent, make sure you have great quality pictures of every room. Take it a step further and provide a virtual tour allowing them to get a great look at every angle.

Smart Properties

Many prospective renters are happy to pay a little more in rent each month to have upgraded, smart features. In several cases, this may help save you money as a property owner, too. First, consider a premier smart home. This includes door locks that can be programmed to a smartphone, or a thermostat allowing a person to control the temperature wherever, whenever. In addition, you can also have lighting controlled with a phone, as well as sound. In many situations, a person can control each of these features by speaking—and not even typing in anything.


Are pets a no-go for your rentals? In order to attract to a full range of tenants, it may need to become an option that is back on the table. Having a pet-friendly unit is important to many renters. One way to ensure your property stays secure is to require a non-refundable deposit if bringing in a pet. The deposit will cover any damages up front and keeps the tenant happy knowing they have found a great place accepting of their furry friends.

Wood Flooring

Hardwood floors have been popular with renters for decades. However, the style of flooring that is attractive to them is slightly changing. Today, renters are interested in floors with wider planks and are light in color. Some prefer a super light, matted look, while others prefer more gloss and shine. Get ideas using these 22 living rooms with light wood floors.

Single Family Properties

If you are looking for your next property to invest in, a popular go-to option is a single-family home. Explore the top five neighborhoods to search for investment real estate in Denver to get started. This type of property is on the rise, especially in Denver. It is attractive to the renter that is looking to see if home ownership is right for them. But it is also important to those who do not want to rent at all.

Another important factor that renters are looking for is a great experience. Ensure their time at your property is the best possible with DenCo Property Management and Sales. From maintenance and leasing, our premier property management company will handle any and all of the steps to keep your customers happy and more money in your pocket. See how we can help by calling us at 303-722-9688.