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Top 5 Neighborhoods to Search for Investment Real Estate in Denver

June 27, 2018

Are you looking for your first or next Denver neighborhood to invest in? As one of the fastest growing cities in the country, many are choosing this great city to advance their career, raise their families, start their own companies, and much more. This growth and popularity is great for investors like you. It enables you to maximize profits while helping those in your local community have a great place to live and thrive. Explore these five top neighborhoods ideal for investment real estate.

Indian Creek

  • Location: Indian Creek is located on the southeast side of Denver, almost in between I-83 and Cherry Creek S. Dr.
  • Renter stats: Rent in this neighborhood is around $1200 per month, depending on size, bedrooms, etc.
  • Safety: Indian Creek ranks near the top of safe Denver neighborhoods. They have very little violent crimes and a small number of theft.
  • Amenities: Housed within Indian Creek, many love the City of Chennai Park for great biking and walking trails, outdoor activities and more.


  • Location: Stapleton is on the northeast side of Denver. It is almost square in shape, between the following streets: Montview Blvd., Quebec St., Smith Rd., and M.L.K. Jr. Blvd.
  • Renter stats: Rent in Stapleton ranges around $1650 per month.
  • Safety: Stapleton has an average crime rate with a majority of issues around theft of some sort. The area has also had a small number of recorded assaults.
  • Amenities: Central Park is located in the heart of Stapleton. In addition, residents love to enjoy this neighborhood’s pools, community gardens, skate parks, and more.

Congress Park

  • Location: Congress Park is almost a perfect square in shape. It is just east of downtown Denver in the middle of the following streets: York St., 287, 2, and E. 6th Ave.
  • Renter stats: Rent averages just above $1170 in Stapleton.
  • Safety: Congress Park has a slightly below average crime rate. A majority of crimes are theft related, with a small number of vandalism and assault.
  • Amenities: Many love the neighborhood feel of Congress Park. With locally owned shops and great restaurants everywhere, in close proximity to downtown Denver, it’s a popular place to be.

Mar Lee

  • Location: Mar Lee is located on the southwest side of Denver. It is in between 95, W. Mississippi Ave., 88, and W. Jewell Ave.
  • Renter stats: Rent in this area is normally around $1150 per month.
  • Safety: Mar Lee has a slightly higher than average crime rate. Most crime is theft related, with some assaults.
  • Amenities: Mar Lee is a great neighborhood for those who enjoy urban hiking. It also is home to many shops and walking paths.

North Park Hill

  • Location: North Park Hill is northeast of downtown Denver. It is in between E 23rd Ave. and M.L.K. Jr. Blvd. and Colorado Blvd. and Quebec St.
  • Renter stats: Rent for North Park Hill is just over $1000.
  • Safety: North Park Hill is slightly above average on crime. A majority of issues are theft related, with some assaults.
  • Amenities: Many in this neighborhood enjoy its close proximity to the Central Park Recreation Center, as well as fantastic restaurants and shops.
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