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5 Things to Consider When Looking for a Denver Investment Property

October 4, 2017

For those interested in rental properties, a Denver investment property can be a very rewarding experience. With the large amount of people choosing Denver to be their home, demand for renting a home or apartment is high. As a potential property owner, it is a great time to invest in a property if you have the time and resources. From financial tips, property taxes and types of properties, to location tips and using a property manager, learn some of the top things to consider when deciding on an investment property.

1. Financial Tips

One of the first things you will need to do as you begin the process to invest in real estate is to get your finances in order. Pay down or pay off debts to reduce your debt-to-income ratio. Then once your debts are in a good place, get your down payment together. This is something you can discuss with a lender to see what you can afford and what you will need. Itching to buy investment property? Follow these five tips to get financing from Bankrate as you consider your investment property.

2. Property Taxes

In addition to the financial needs your lender tells you that you will need, have savings in place for property taxes. Over time, you may notice an increase in property taxes with your new property. The best thing you can do is to be prepared and work an amount in your budget. Even if your bill does not go up right away, you can put money in savings to be prepared. This is also important as you will need to save for repairs, needs, etc.

3. Types of Property

When searching for an investment property, avoid properties that will be a large amount of work. While a fixer-upper may be great for a home purchase, for a rental property, it is something you may want to avoid to invest in. When it comes to your rental, time is money. The time and costs that it will take to make the changes needed for the home may not be worth it . To help you get the most out of your investment, consider a turn-key property.

4. Location

As you look for a rental, location is key. Make sure you work to find a location that is in high demand. You will also want to do competitive research to see what other rentals are going for in the area and how your pricing will factor in.

5. Property Manager

When purchasing an investment property, utilizing the help of a property manager can help you get the most of your investment. With the knowledge and expertise, they can assist with anything or everything during the process. This can include determining pricing, assistance working with renters, handling maintenance requests, and more. By taking advantage of a property manager’s skills, you can make the most of your investment.

For a property manager that will help you with your first investment process, DenCO has you covered. Learn the top five ways Colorado property management will help your investment real estate. To get started to see how we can help you, call us at 303-722-9688.