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Cleaning and Preparing Your Rentals: Top Tips from Colorado Property Management

August 23, 2017

Once a tenant moves out of one of your rental units, or you have purchased a new one to make available, it must be habitable by new tenants. Prior to putting the unit on the market, it is important to get it in premier shape—which will also help you as a property owner in the long run to last longer and grab attention. Learn more tips on how to clean the inside of your rentals, outdoor cleaning tips, and how to attract renters through Colorado Property Management.

Indoor Tips

For new or existing rentals, once ready to clean, you will need to go through every surface. This covers everything from cleaning carpets to wiping down refrigerator shelving or the cabinets. In addition, make sure you are replacing the furnace filters in the home. Ideally, these need to be changed every three months, which is something you can work with your tenants for a schedule. This will help reduce the amount of dust, pollen and other particles floating around in your rental. As you are cleaning the unit, walk through and check the condition of the appliance. Make sure they all work properly. This includes items such as ceiling fans and lighting. If any is broken, now is the time to fix them. For help cleaning your unit, you can always consider a professional cleaner or property manage service.

Outside Work

Making sure your rental is appealing outside is key. Curb appeal and first impressions are everything. First, power wash the siding of the home to remove any dirt or debris. If the home has wood siding that is cracking and peeling, you will need to take time to paint and fix those imperfections. It is also crucial to inspect the roof. Make sure the gutters are clear of any twigs or debris that can hinder them from doing their job. As for the roof, make sure there are not any missing or cracked shingles. Last, make some enhancements to the landscaping if it is non-existing or in poor shape. With time being money, take advantage of HGTV’s eight budget curb appeal projects to help stay budget friendly.  

Attracting Renters and Renting Units

Once your rental unit is clean and the outdoor of your home is more attractive to buyers, it is time to get your home back on the market. Make sure you advertise in the area and also review other rentals in the area to make sure your unit is comparable. It also helps to make things convenient to renters, such as automatic, online bill pay.

As you look to rent out your next unit, keep in mind that DenCO Property Management and Sales has you covered. No matt what your need is along the way, utilizing their services will help. A property manager will act in your best interest, handle your market research, assist with the financials, and more. All staff will be friendly and welcoming to also help to attract renters. Read more information for Denver property owners to see what DenCO can do for you and your rental.