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What to Know Before Buying Your First Denver Residential Rental Property

March 22, 2017

Buying your first residential rental property in Denver can be nerve racking. Many people that would like to invest in a residential property are daunted by the risk associated with investing in a large asset for the first time. There are many things to consider, so here are some tips to calm your nerves before purchasing your first property and preparing to take the plunge.

Identify your goals and expectations.

There might be a fantasy that comes to mind when you think about owning residential rental property, however it’s important to identify your goals and expectations from this investment. Are you diversifying your income? Are you in it for the tax benefits? How much time and effort are you will to dedicate to your investment? Are you buying a building with the intention of instant financial independence? Having a clear understanding of why you are considering investing in a residential rental property in vital to making sound decisions down the road. Make no mistake, owning a rental property isn’t easy and, if you’re not informed, can spell disaster. Making a clear list of your goals and expectations can give you an excellent starting point. You may want to ask the question, should you invest in residential rental property?

Do your research.

Research, research, research. A very important component of first time buyers. What are tax codes for secondary residential properties in your state? How much are you willing to invest in fixing existing issues in a property? How much can you reasonably expect to make from your first year, five years or 10 years? Investment are all about the returns. Making returns on a resident property is highly contingent on factors such as location, condition of the property, interest rates, and the size of your down payment. Additionally, it's important to look into local tax laws so you don't get slammed with higher property taxes than anticipated and understand the full range of deductions and credits.

Hire a buyer representative.

A buyer representative is someone that can help you navigate the tricky details of purchasing your first residential property. Hiring a buyer representative can walk you through everything that you need to consider before making this huge investment. Investing in a residential rental property is inherently risky. It is best to make you first purchase with the expertise of a buyer representative guiding you to make the best decision for you. Everything from market analysis to tax information can be cleared up with a reputable, well-informed buyer representative. There will inevitably be setbacks and a lot of questions,  but these can be mitigated by staying informed by an expert with your best interest at heart.
Investing in a Denver residential rental property can be a life changing investment for the future! If you are interested in learn more about residential property ownership or are ready to make your first purchase, contact DenCo Property Management and Sales online or call us at 303-722-9688 to review your options on buying property in Denver today!