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Technology Adds for Your Property Management in Denver

January 9, 2019

Property owners are competing to provide quality amenities for tenants. If you are one of them, there are ways to set yourself apart from the competition. By taking a few extra steps, you can provide a more quality rental experience that creates long-term, reliable customers. As you work to develop or offer better experiences for tenants, use some of these best practices from local property management in Denver. 

Features for Tenants

  • Wi-Fi: The internet has essentially become a necessity for everyone. From watching videos to paying bills, everyone is looking to find inexpensive ways for internet access. Attract tenants by including internet with their rent. This also takes away some of the stress of them having to install and pay fees when you have it already set. 
  • Streaming television: People are cutting the cord left and right. One of the ways you can attract tenants is to provide access to a streaming service. Offer a few months of one of the best live TV streaming services for cord-cutters. This premium perk will help them save when they move in, as well as long-term as these services do not cost hundreds of dollars. 
  • Create a rewards program: Encourage good habits from your tenants with a rewards program. Using points, reward them for using online payments, paying on-time, caring for the property and more. Even small giveaways can be a fun and exciting opportunity for everyone. 
  • Washer and dryer: No one enjoys spending hours at a laundromat and for some, owning a washer and dryer isn’t something they can afford. You can invest in a small, stackable washer and dryer you can offer for a small rental fee.  

Online Applications

Paper applications can be costly, time-consuming and inefficient. With online applications, prospective tenants can quickly fill it out on their laptop, tablet or smartphone. Not only is this helpful for them but streamlines the process for you. Filling an application out online forces people to fill out specific information as accurately as possible. Electronic applications also help to expedite the process, allowing you to review a person or group more quickly—helping you fill the vacancy in a timely fashion. 

Using a Property Manager

As a landlord, there may be areas of property ownership you need help with. Are you not great with walking someone through the lease? Need some help with billing and bookkeeping? Unsure how to properly plan for taxes? Not as handy as you thought when it comes to maintenance? These are a few of the top services a property management company can provide. These management companies will help you with any aspect of the rental process. 

Throughout your search for profitable amenities and features for property management in Denver to add, DenCo Property Management will help. As your go-to full-service agency, we will help you throughout your process as an owner. We strive to make any part of ownership seamless to maximize your time and investment. To see what we can do for you, call us today at 303-722-9688. 

Tips for Completing Denver Residential Property Repairs This Fall

December 26, 2018

Denver residential property repairs are never easy to complete, especially if you’re a particularly busy homeowner. So, how do you manage the repairs that need to be done to your property? Below, are a few tips you should consider when working on completing property repairs this fall before winter arrives this year. 

Consider the Limits of Your Budget

The first (and most important) tip to consider when completing Denver residential property repairs this fall is your budget. If you have a lot of pending projects that you need to do before the winter, it can be pretty tempting to do everything all at once. Unfortunately, in doing so, you might crash your bank account. Instead, you should consider your budget, how much you have to spend, and start planning which repairs you should complete, but, one at a time. 

Identify What Repairs Need to Be Made

After considering how much money you can spend, you can hire a local property inspector to determine what repairs need to be made. Although you might already know what kind of repairs you want to get completed, it’s always good to be thorough. In some cases, your home inspector might also be willing to help you determine which repairs to complete first, and which can wait a little longer. Although you never want to prolong a home repair, you can’t exactly fix your home without any money in the bank. 

Hire a Local Denver Property Management Company

An ideal way to start getting residential property repairs completed is to hire a local a Denver property management company. Although you might want to do repairs on your own (we’ll talk about this later), having a property management company take care of repairs for you will allow you take back the necessary time that you can spend doing other things, such as spending time with your family, working other jobs, etc. 

Think About Taking on Repairs Yourself

If you’re big on DIY, you can always consider taking on the repairs yourself. This can definitely help you save money, especially if you have some time on your hands. However, you won’t be able to complete every repair on your own, plus, the amount of money you’ll spend on materials might be more than merely hiring a Denver property management company. Although the choice is yours, it’s something to keep in mind when getting repairs done this fall. Also, consider the amount of time that goes into repairs, not every homeowner has the free time to take care of repairs, especially at this time of year. 

It can be a lot of work taking care of repairs on your own, but having a Denver property management company backing you up, you shouldn’t have much trouble. So, what are you waiting for, your home’s repairs aren’t going to take care of themselves! Call (303) 722-9688 today to get more information and book a free consultation with DenCO Property Management to get your property’s repairs completed before the end of the year.

Colorado Property Management Shares Top Ways to Decorate for The Holidays

December 12, 2018

The holiday season is here, which is a great time to mix things up at your property. When you fill entry spaces with fun colors or even a few small things on the exterior, it will help get your tenants in the holiday spirit. Learn about some of the ways your local Colorado property management company recommends being inclusive, decorating your property, and getting tenants involved in the fun. 

Be Inclusive

Do you know how many holidays during the holiday season? These are the 14 religious holidays believers celebrate in December. As you make your property holiday-friendly, make sure you are considering your tenants. When creating an inclusive environment, you will create a fun atmosphere they enjoy coming home to. So how do you go about inclusivity? Ask! Send out a survey to your tenants to see what their holiday traditions are. From there, you can incorporate a little bit of everything in your décor. It also makes it fun for people to learn about other traditions. 

Outdoor Ideas

Generic decorations are a go-to way to decorate for the holidays. Blue, white and silver are popular colors that are not specific to certain holidays. But that’s not all. Brown and green is a great combination, as well as gold and white. Mix things up from red and green. Consider adding a wreath on your entrance door and hanging lights on the exterior. If you have a tree or shrubbery, add a mix of string lights that twinkle. If you have entryways, consider holiday-colored hanging lights to light up the entrance. 

Indoor Ideas

If your tenants celebrate a holiday that features a tree, it is a great way to decorate a main common space. If not, have a small holiday station with generic holiday décor that you can find at your local home goods store. Poinsettias are a great plant to use to decorate an indoor space, with a great pop of red. For railings, add a layer of silver or blue garland. Looking for a way to add some indoor shine? One of the best and safest ways is with LED candles. You can find a variety of candles to sprinkle throughout your open spaces—without the worry of any catching fire!

Activities for Tenants

Boost morale and build excitement by having a holiday party for tenants. This will be an excellent way for tenants to spend quality time getting to know each other. Going back to your survey for staying inclusive, you could have a potluck where people bring one of their traditional dishes. You could also have a door decorating contest with a judging ceremony at the event. Include a great prize for the winner! One of the top gift ideas could be an amount of money off their rent or a small holiday gift.

As you gear up for the holiday season, make sure you prepare for Denver’s early winter snow. With just a few checks, you will be ready for the season. If you are looking for ways to grow your property in the New Year, DenCo Property Management and Sales can help. As your premier full-service property manager, we assist in all areas. Call us today at 303-722-9688 to get started. 

Finding the Best Community for a Single-Family Home Investment Real Estate

November 28, 2018

Location is everything for your investment real estate. When considering a place to invest in for a single-family home, you need to factor in the desires of your potential tenant that will be most profitable for you. Single-family homes are a great investment for a rental, allowing you to have a hands-off approach, giving your renters freedom and flexibility. From best factors to consider and HOAs, to Denver’s top neighborhoods, learn about the many things to help you invest in your first or next rental. 

Factors to Consider in an Area

  • Income levels: Choosing an area affordable for middle-income families will help you create a steady stream of income. Rentals are just as much about your potential customers to get a return on investment. 
  • School districts: Those looking to rent a single-family home are often parents, making school districts important. You do not need to invest in the best school district but opt to at least invest in a medium to highly reviewed. 
  • Crime rates: The crime of an area can play an interesting role in rentals. On one hand, many up-and-coming neighborhoods are in areas with higher crime rates. At the same time, you have to make a smart decision for tenants. Research an area and the types of crimes that occur there when making your decision. Research any future development for an area to get an idea if there will be changes in the future that would reduce rates.  

To HOA or Not HOA?

Neighborhoods with homeowners’ associations (HOA) have their pros and cons. A premier benefit is the maintenance that occurs, being one less thing for you to manage. At the same time, there are rules. Some neighborhoods do not even allow you to have a rental in a neighborhood with an HOA, so it is best to do your research early. Do renters pay HOA dues? As a landlord, this is something you can work into your leasing agreement. 

Denver’s Top Neighborhoods

The Denver area is booming, making it the perfect place for a rental property. Some of the hottest neighborhoods to invest in include: 
  • Mar Lee: The Mar Lee neighborhood provides the urban feel with affordability. This diverse neighborhood falls right into the median income level and a variety of amenities. The centralized location is great, aiding in commute times. 
  • Cheesman Park: A popular neighborhood for rentals, the Cheesman neighborhood is home to a popular park. Just a short distance from the popular Capitol Hill area, the area is booming. 
  • Congress Park: The Congress Park neighborhood is full of great restaurants and local shopping, with quality school districts and amenities. 

For more options, explore the top five neighborhoods to search for investment real estate in Denver. 

As you work to finalize your decision on an investment property, DenCo Property Management and Sales will assist. As your local go-to full-service property manager, take advantage of our services to help you be a profitable investor. Call us at 303-722-9688 to see how we can help you in the next phase of your investment career. 

7 Tips For Moving In Winter

November 14, 2018

1) Confirm details with movers 

Confirm ahead of time what time you are expecting the movers and how you plan on getting to your new home to let them in. If you need to get keys from your apartment front desk do so ahead of time and save yourself the headache of tracking down the details on move-in day.

2) Check the weather

Prepare to be flexible. If a winter storm is coming it isn't worth risking your possessions to move in a storm. If there is a snow storm before your move be sure to clear any walkways of snow and ice. Nothing is worse than slipping and injuring yourself during a move. You should also cover your floors with cheap tarps from the local hardware shop to keep them protected from damage while everyone walks in and out moving boxes. 

3) Check the utilities at your new home.

You are going to be moving lots of items in and out of your new home so, it is best to leave the heat off so your poor furnace doesn't have to work overtime with all the heat escaping. If you have a space heater turn it on in your main bathroom and leave the door shut. Nothing feels better than a bit of warmth while you do your business away from the cold.

4) Start Packing In Advance

Don't be caught off guard and still packing things in boxes when the movers arrive. Start packing as soon as possible. You can start with packing up any summer items or items your aren't going to use for the next couple of months. If you don't have any storage unit to keep packed items safe consider renting a portable storage unit and have them deliver it when you are ready to move in.

5) Board your pets 

Moving with pets can be a stressful ordeal for everyone. Leave the worrying about Fido's next escape plan behind and find a boarding facility or pet daycare your family pet can stay for the day. Not only will you be grateful to not worry about them being underfoot but they will come home tired and ready to rest and relax with you in your new home.

6) Plan for meals

If you are spending the entire day moving you may be too tired to unbox your kitchen supplies and start cooking, and your fridge is likely empty. Plan a meal out or pick up some to-go meal to enjoy after the job is done. 

7) Keep Warm

If you followed tip 3, then your heat is likely turned off and the bathroom is the only safe haven for the duration of the move-in process. If you have a crockpot set it aside before the move so you can plug it in at your new home and keep some hot cocoa or apple cider ready for some cold hands. Also, make sure to set aside extra pairs of gloves and other winter wear to make sure you are protected from the cold.