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7 Tips For Moving In Winter

November 14, 2018

1) Confirm details with movers 

Confirm ahead of time what time you are expecting the movers and how you plan on getting to your new home to let them in. If you need to get keys from your apartment front desk do so ahead of time and save yourself the headache of tracking down the details on move-in day.

2) Check the weather

Prepare to be flexible. If a winter storm is coming it isn't worth risking your possessions to move in a storm. If there is a snow storm before your move be sure to clear any walkways of snow and ice. Nothing is worse than slipping and injuring yourself during a move. You should also cover your floors with cheap tarps from the local hardware shop to keep them protected from damage while everyone walks in and out moving boxes. 

3) Check the utilities at your new home.

You are going to be moving lots of items in and out of your new home so, it is best to leave the heat off so your poor furnace doesn't have to work overtime with all the heat escaping. If you have a space heater turn it on in your main bathroom and leave the door shut. Nothing feels better than a bit of warmth while you do your business away from the cold.

4) Start Packing In Advance

Don't be caught off guard and still packing things in boxes when the movers arrive. Start packing as soon as possible. You can start with packing up any summer items or items your aren't going to use for the next couple of months. If you don't have any storage unit to keep packed items safe consider renting a portable storage unit and have them deliver it when you are ready to move in.

5) Board your pets 

Moving with pets can be a stressful ordeal for everyone. Leave the worrying about Fido's next escape plan behind and find a boarding facility or pet daycare your family pet can stay for the day. Not only will you be grateful to not worry about them being underfoot but they will come home tired and ready to rest and relax with you in your new home.

6) Plan for meals

If you are spending the entire day moving you may be too tired to unbox your kitchen supplies and start cooking, and your fridge is likely empty. Plan a meal out or pick up some to-go meal to enjoy after the job is done. 

7) Keep Warm

If you followed tip 3, then your heat is likely turned off and the bathroom is the only safe haven for the duration of the move-in process. If you have a crockpot set it aside before the move so you can plug it in at your new home and keep some hot cocoa or apple cider ready for some cold hands. Also, make sure to set aside extra pairs of gloves and other winter wear to make sure you are protected from the cold.

Property Management in Denver: What is a Full-Service Agency?

October 31, 2018

Many property owners and landlords work with property management in Denver to run a successful business. How? When using a local property manager, you can receive additional assistance in areas you have little expertise in. Or, for others, time is an issue. Property managers are a go-to for assistance filling in gaps anywhere in property ownership. Learn about the ins and outs of quality property management and how one may be able to help you be more successful. 

Basics of a Full-Service Agency

A full-service property management company can assist with any step in the property management process. This means owners can invest in a property then turn over the management for all areas if desired. Or, the agency can handle a few areas that help the owner be more successful. 

Areas a full-service agency will provide assistance with include: 
  • Leasing (drafting and working with tenants)
  • Rent collection
  • Billing and payroll
  • Bookkeeping
  • Taxes
  • Handle finances to help the location be more profitable
  • Select qualified tenants
  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Evictions
  • Working with tenants

Benefits of Property Managers

The great thing about property management is that it allows you to receive assistance in any areas needed for your investment. This can be due to a lack of experience or to free up time. Under your guidance, a property manager will help you make the most of your investment. Property managers can work with tenants and properties to create a happier experience, leading to a decrease in turnover. Also, with expertise in billing and money management, you can rest assured that rent is paid, and your bills are paid. Ideally, the property manager can help you in any way that best suits your needs. 

Maintenance and Repairs

Many property owners work with outside contractors and trades to handle routine maintenance and repairs. While effective, it can be extra costs that are simplified with in-house maintenance. With a staff available to handle repairs or maintenance regularly, costs are greatly cut. Some of the maintenance and repairs include: 
  • Landscaping and outdoor safety
  • Fixing leaks and cracks
  • Roof inspection and repair
  • HVAC needs
  • Insect issues 
  • Caulking
  • Water heater maintenance
  • Cleaning and changing filters 
  • Exchanging furnace filters
  • Electrical maintenance
  • Energy efficiency

Staff will be able to handle the seven routine property management tasks for landlords, freeing up your time and wallet. 

In addition, having an in-house maintenance expert will help problems get fixed more quickly. When using outside contractors, it can take extra time to have them out to inspect issues. This can put added stress on tenants and potentially leave a situation worsening for much longer. 

As you consider becoming more profitable with your properties, learn about the five ways Colorado Property Management will help your investment real estate. DenCo Property Management is your premier manager to help you grow. We are a top full-service agency that can assist with any and all of your management needs. Utilize our expertise to expand your business and keep your tenants happy. Call us today and explore your options at 303-722-9688. 

Electrical Tips and Red Flags in Your Rental from Denver Property Management

October 17, 2018

Electrical issues are one of the many problems that property owners face with their rentals and investment properties. There are also many issues that landlords do not even realize are problematic. Electrical issues should be quickly addressed to ensure the safety of your tenants and property. When inspecting new or existing properties, be sure to keep an eye out for some of these issues pointed out by your local Denver property management company. 

Old Electrical Wiring Dangers

For property owners with older homes, especially ones older than 60 years old, outdated electrical wiring could be a huge hazard that one cannot see. Electrical requirements decades ago was much different than the needs of today. Factoring in old systems with present-day needs, you could be looking at faulty electrical, or worse, destructive and dangerous wires. If you are wondering “is my old house wiring safe?” it is best to have a local electrician come out to investigate. They can review the age and quality of the wiring to let you know if there is a problem at hand. 

Switch to LED Bulbs and Save

Over the last couple of years, incandescent light bulbs have been phased out of the industry. While there are a few options out there for bulbs, premier LED bulbs are a top choice of lightbulb. They will help you make the most of your investment. LED lighting can produce the same quality of great lighting for a fraction of the costs. In fact, home and property owners may see an excess of $500 in savings per year when switching outdated lights with new LED. These energy savers are a great investment that will also help you keep from replacing bulbs in your rentals. 

Flickering Lights

When lights flicker, it is a huge red flag of a deeper electrical issue. This usually occurs when there are problems or damage to electrical. Or, flickering lights could also be caused by loose wiring or using too much electricity on one circuit. If your tenants contact you about flickering lights, it is crucial to have the problem reviewed and fixed as soon as possible. 

Broken Switches and Outlets

When light switches or electrical outlets don’t work, it can cause issues for renters. These are often maintenance requests that need to be addressed as soon as possible—which can be intense for a new property owner. Outlets that do not work could be the result of faulty or loose wiring that could be caused due to larger issues. Factor in different types of noise, such as buzzing, and you should make sure the electrical is reviewed as soon as possible. 

Do you need assistance with maintenance of your rentals and investment properties? DenCo Property Management and Sales is your go-to for all things you need. We have an exceptional staff that can handle maintenance issues that will ensure the safety of your tenants and investment. In addition, we can also assist with a seasonal maintenance routine schedule for your investment real estate too. Call us at 303-722-9688 and speak with our friendly staff today!

Energy Efficient Purchases for Your Denver Investment Property

October 3, 2018

As you consider investments for your Denver investment property, energy efficient purchases should be high on your list. When you lower energy costs, not only will you cut down on monthly bills, but will have equipment that lasts for years. There is a plethora of ways you can be more efficient and help reduce your ecological footprint. From appliances and lighting, to water savings, use these top energy efficient tips when making quality purchases for your rental. 

Kitchen Appliances

ENERGY STAR kitchen appliances can provide a beneficial amount per year in savings. This is especially true when replacing refrigerators that are 10 to 15 years old. Energy efficient refrigerators are about 16 to 20 cubic feet and offer settings to reduce condensation. Look for models that have a top mount freezer to maximize savings. For stoves, gas ovens are more efficient than electric and convection models benefit even more. When air is circulated, the heat is distributed more evenly—which also cooks food better. 


LED light bulbs are the best way to go in terms of energy efficient lighting. They are a safe option, allowing you to be at ease that they can be left on and used without the worry of incandescent bulbs. In fact, LED light bulbs can use up to 90% less energy and heat than traditional incandescent! When you replace all the bulbs in your rental with premier LED bulbs, you can trust they will last for years—which is one less thing you will have to do in terms of routine maintenance. But bulbs aren’t the only way to save. Invest in ENERGY STAR certified light fixtures, with dimming and timer options. This will optimize light output and save you valuable dollars in the long term. 


If you cover water in with your tenant’s rent, you may be looking for ways to save on monthly bills. A great start to your purchases is with an energy efficient gas water heater. Next, inspect the rental for any leaks as this can add up. It is also ideal to install efficient faucets, showerheads, and sprayers. These energy efficient models help to reduce the gallons of water used each day. Energy efficient toilets can also be purchased to aid in the amount of water used as well. For waste, energy efficient garbage disposers play a great role in saving the environment and your local sewage systems. 

As you make your upgrades and investments into your rental, be sure to take advantage of federal income tax credits and other incentives for energy efficiency. Each purchase you make will help you save in the long term and provide relief for you and your tenants on utility bills. For help installing these fixtures and assistance with maintenance for tenants, DenCO Property Management and Sales is here for you. No matter what assistance you need with your rental, we are your go-to for your success. Learn more about the 5 ways Colorado property management will help your investment real estate and contact us at 303-722-9688. 


Prepared For Denver's Early Winter Snow

September 19, 2018

Even though winter does not begin until Friday, December 21, Denver can see its first snowfall as early as October. As an owner of a residential investment property, now is the ideal time to make plans and arrangements to prepare for winter. It will give you plenty of time to reach out to tenants and create times that are convenient for you both. Use these best practices as you create your to-do list before winter. 

Furnace Check-Up

As we enter into fall, now is the time to have the furnace in your rental inspected and cleaned. This will ensure the unit is safe to use and in proper working condition. It is important to complete this long before the furnace is actually needed in the event there are issues—you will want to be sure you have a safe furnace for your tenant. Once all checks out, make sure a new furnace filter is installed. Ideally, a filter is good for three months. If you do not have an arrangement with your tenant on replacing them regularly, or written into your lease agreement, discuss how you can improve this moving forward. This will help the lifespan of the furnace and help the tenant too. 

Clean Roof and Gutters

When the roof and gutters work properly, water is directed away from a house, hence protecting the foundation. Schedule time to inspect the roof for cracks, missing shingles, damaged flashing, and any other issues or standing water. Next, make sure the gutters are cleared. It is also important they stay clear, which can be a process if there are trees around the home. Clogged gutters are one of the top issues that occur, which leads to sagging and other issues that can lead to detrimental issues. 

Reverse Ceiling Fans

Do your rentals have ceiling fans? Reversing the direction of the fan is one of the go-to ways to conserve energy. When airflow is switched, it will help circulate the warmer air, keeping your tenant warmer. When the airflow is circulated more efficiently, the furnace does not need to run as often—saving you and your tenant on bills each month. Not sure how to reverse the direction? Find your instruction manual or search online based on the make and model of the fan. Or, if the fans are older, you can explore Energy Star ceiling fans and search to see if you can find a model with a rebate. 

Landscaping Tasks

Keeping a lawn in premier shape during the winter will help it bounce back in the spring. First, make sure the lawn is seeded during the fall. Next, if there are trees, take some time to trim and prune to promote growth. You can also fertilize to help their quality when spring arrives. 

Do you need help managing your rentals? Or do not have the experience to tackle some of the necessary tasks to prepare for winter? DenCo is your premier local property manager in Denver. Review our information for Denver property owners to view our wide variety of services to help you get the most on your investment! Call us today at 303-722-9688 to see how we can help.